Final Social Media Reports from the UK

URLs for the final reports from Salford :


Students as Social Media Reporters

As part of the icollab12 international project, students in each participating country were required to move beyond the ‘classroom’ and use their skills in digital communications and social media content production to become transmedia reporters/citizen journalists. They were to work in groups to develop a series of reports for (and in collaboration with) an international audience. The main focus of the project was to produce rich media reports on Social Media in a) their local community, and b) their chosen industry (e.g. web, computing, creative, gigs). Their reports were then presented to students in Germany, Spain and New Zealand – in turn, their fellow #iCollab12 students overseas produced parallel content. At the end of the project, students in each country were asked to vote for the best “Social Media in ______” project, and the winners will receive an iTunes voucher.

Here’s some example student reports:

The YouTube playlist for the project will be updated as reports come in: