Final Social Media Reports from the UK

URLs for the final reports from Salford :


#icollab12 Social Media Report Votes

  1. thomcochrane
    Polleverywhere Votes r in 4 #icollab12 3 teams tied 4 1st place: (UK)
    The Localist (NZ) QR Codes in Berlin3 (DE) WD all
  2. marett
    Will watch’m! Too late yesterday 😦 @thomcochrane AUT Social m. reports #icollab12 @mediendidaktik @heloukee @AverillG
  3. thomcochrane
    Final AUT Social media reports streamed live NOW #icollab12 @mediendidaktik @heloukee @marett @AverillG team4
  4. thomcochrane
    Final AUT Social media reports streamed live NOW #icollab12 @mediendidaktik @heloukee @marett @AverillG team3
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    RT @thomcochrane: Final AUT Social media reports streamed live NOW #icollab12 @mediendidaktik @heloukee @marett @AverillG
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    @thomcochrane: Final AUT Social media reports streamed live NOW #icollab12 @mediendidaktik @heloukee @marett @AverillG
  7. thomcochrane
    Final AUT Social media reports streamed live NOW #icollab12 @mediendidaktik @heloukee @marett @AverillG team2
  8. RebeccaDHolland
    RT @HarmeetSehgal: #icollab12 @CharAJMilton @EmmaEDowsett @AndreaMusgrave Great presentation guys!
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    The #mgroup will vote tomorrow! RT @mediendidaktik
    Stdnt projects #Berlin #iCollab12 @heloukee @thomcochrane @AverillG
  10. mediendidaktik
    Student projects #MobileWeb in #Berlin updated! #AW600 #iCollab12 @heloukee @thomcochrane @marett @AverillG feedback?

Mobile Media Reporter in Berlin

The #iCollab12 project in Berlin continues with Mobile Media Reporter in Berlin in two of my courses related to Media Research in Mobile Web (#AW600 group 1a and 1b), following the Social Media Reporter in the courses related to Media Research in Social Media (#AW2685 group 1a and 1b).

The Mobile Media Reporter in Berlin is a field study, during which individual students or small groups of students observe and document the different applications of mobile media in Berlin. Students can decide about the exact topic of their projects and follow a particular question which is interesting to them. The field research is documented in Mahara, which we use at Beuth University in Berlin for students ePortfolios.

Below you will find the links to some of the first Mahara views on individual students projects related to “Mobile Media Reporter in Berlin”. Students are looking forward to all your comments and feedback!

Group AW600/1a (Mondays):

Group AW600/1b (Tuesdays):

Students as Social Media Reporters

As part of the icollab12 international project, students in each participating country were required to move beyond the ‘classroom’ and use their skills in digital communications and social media content production to become transmedia reporters/citizen journalists. They were to work in groups to develop a series of reports for (and in collaboration with) an international audience. The main focus of the project was to produce rich media reports on Social Media in a) their local community, and b) their chosen industry (e.g. web, computing, creative, gigs). Their reports were then presented to students in Germany, Spain and New Zealand – in turn, their fellow #iCollab12 students overseas produced parallel content. At the end of the project, students in each country were asked to vote for the best “Social Media in ______” project, and the winners will receive an iTunes voucher.

Here’s some example student reports:

The YouTube playlist for the project will be updated as reports come in:

Social Media Reports From Auckland Students updated 17 May

1. QR Codes in Auckland:

2. Our Auckland:

3. The Localist:

Updated YouTube link: A YouTube summary – please rate the video and give comment feedback 🙂

4. The Insiders Guide to Auckland: