Social Media Reporter in Berlin

The #iCollab12 project in Berlin starts with Social Media Reporter in Berlin in two of my courses both related to Social Media Research. The Social Media Reporter in Berlin is a field study, during which groups of students observe and document the different applications of social media in Berlin. Students can decide about the exact topic of their projects and follow a particular question which is interesting to them. The field research is documented in Mahara, which we use at Beuth University in Berlin for students ePortfolios.

Below you will find the links to some of the first Mahara views on individual students projects related to “Social Media Reporter in Berlin”. Students are looking to all your comments and sharing. We hope to see the reports from Manchester and Tarragona soon!

Group AW2685/1a:

Group AW2685/1b

Students from Berlin are looking forward to your comments on their Mahara views (comment = feedback in Mahara) and per Twitter with #iCollab12.


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