AUT student social media presentations #icollab12

You are invited to short group presentations on the use of social media around Auckland. The PR postgrads will explain how social media is integrated into Auckland and part of our lives, yet often unseen. Presentations will be live-streamed via Qik and the link announced via #icollab12 on Twitter.
Please provide any feedback via Twitter using the #icollab12 hashtag.
After this presentation the postgrads will present to students and lecturers they are working with (CFLAT project) in different disciplines in other countries via You Tube or Google+ and will hold global voting procedures. They will put the final presentation and international feedback into their portfolios. They are looking for feedback to prepare them for that stage.

This Thursday 29 March
1100am for 11.15am start (NZT), 11:15pm EST, 10:15pm UK.
WT 904

Love to see you there (in person or virtually!) – you can bring a guest – and it will be a great way to find out more how students are understanding the use of social media.

Averill Gordon


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